Line graph showing the number of people using Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterrest, TikTok and Snapchat between 2008 and 2018. All four platforms show an increase in users over the time they were available. It shows that Facebook has the largest number of users.


Values shown on graph.

PlatformUsers 2008Users 2018Absolute changeRelative change
Whatsapp2013 300,000,000.002017 1,333,333,333.00+1,033,333,333.00+344%
TikTok2017 239,142,500.00500,000,000.00+260,857,500.00+109%
Pinterest2016 143,250,000.00246,500,000.00+103,250,000.00+72%
Snapchat2016 238,648,000.002016 238,648,000.00+0.00+0.00


 Time is shown on the horizontal axis and number of users on the vertical axis. The number of users of each platform are shown by lines covering the period that data is available for.