concordance pic for module 4 post

All in ac(on)cordance for unit 2

We hope you enjoyed unit 1, it’s been great getting to know you via the Padlet and the forum discussions.

Ok, now after the gentle, rolling start of the first unit, we’re going to kick things up a notch with unit 2, released on Monday 28th February at 10.00 (UK time). In this module we’ll be looking at the ‘classic’ way of representing corpus data, the concordance. We’ve all seen these keywords down the middle of the page with snippets of context on either side, and these can be enlightening or baffling in equal measures depending on the information you are given. We’ll be showing you how you can really take control of that data to show the information you want as well as getting you to read through a key text to link our search skills to what we can do in the classroom.