Getting organised with the Bookmarks Bar


Do you struggle to keep on top of all the important links that you need and use on a regular basis? Is there a shady, chaotic Word document somewhere on your computer full of lists of links? Using the Bookmarks bar in your browser can really help to organise these and keep them close at…



Flipgrid makes recording video easy for students and teachers as it works in the browser (no need to install software) – you just need a camera. Thankfully, it’s free for educators now that Microsoft have bought it. Teachers can record video to introduce a topic or ask a question, and students can create their own…

Wheel decide


Wheel Decide is a randomiser – a Wheel-of-Fortune-type spinner with up to 100 possible choices. For teachers, it could be useful for randomly selecting a student from the class or selecting a vocabulary item to be defined or a topic to discuss. Just type in the choices into the gaps and make a note of…


123apps is a useful collection of web apps (you can use them in your browser without needing to install any software) for editing audio, video or images. The online voice recorder is particularly useful to quickly record audio, crop it and download it as an audio file.

Incognito mode to test links

incognito mode

The last thing you want after you’ve spent time preparing your materials is to hear students tell you the link didn’t work (don’t worry, we’ve all been there). If you open your link in an “Incognito” window (Chrome) or “Private browsing” (Firefox), this removes your sign-in, so you can test what it will look like…