The following resources are useful for those working with teachers.

The following resources are useful for those working with teachers. 

Teacher Training and Education Special Interest Group
This is a SIG (also known as TTEdSIG) for teacher trainers and educators, run by members of IATEFL.

Communities of Practice | TESOL | International Association
Here you can join various Communities of Practice (COP) including one for Teacher Educators. 

Welcome to ELT-Training | Online support for CELTA and beyond | Jo Gakonga 
Although this is aimed at CELTA trainees and new teachers, the free resources here could also be used on any pre-service course, and even possibly in contexts with more experienced teachers. Note, access to some of the resources requires a payment. 

These journals are either aimed at or include relevant and useful articles for those working with teachers.

ELTED Journal
This  is an online open-access journal that aims to promote research findings and current thinking  for those involved in teacher education. 

Modern English Teacher 
This includes useful advice, activities and readable articles for teacher trainers and educators working in most contexts. Please note, you have to pay to access most of the content.

The Teacher Trainer Journal
This is the foremost teacher training journal for those involved in TESOL teacher training. It is a valuable resource, including articles, letters and comments that are relevant for almost anyone involved in teaching, educating or mentoring teachers. Please note, that apart from a complimentary edition of the journal, access requires a paid subscription.

Further information for anyone involved with Cambridge Assessment English’s courses. 
This website is specifically aimed at CELTA trainers and includes (limited) job advertisements and (sometimes) information about conferences and events.  

Teaching English resources and qualifications| Cambridge
Information about English-teaching awards offered by Cambridge Assessment English’s including CELTA and Delta.

Prepare for DELTA
This is useful if you are working on a Delta course. Here you can find a past paper and exam report for use when preparing candidates for Delta Module One. 

Cambridge Assessment English: TKT How to prepare
If you are working with teachers preparing to take TKT, you may find useful preparation information here. 

Resources and information for working on Trinity’s teacher training courses. 

Teaching English – TESOL qualifications 
Qualifications for teachers offered by Trinity College London including their CertTESOL and DipTESOL. 

CertTESOL resources 
Useful resources if you are preparing candidates for Trinity’s CertTESOL teaching qualification. 

DipTESOL resources 
Further information about Trinity College London’s DipTESOL including a sample examination paper, syllabus summary and entry requirements.

The British Council’s CPD for teacher trainers online resource is a mine of useful information for teacher trainers in almost every context.

Cambridge English also has a Trainer Framework, which can help you identify where you are at present, as well as supporting your future development.

Events | International House 

Here you will find information about online and in person events run by International House. 

CETA Symposium – The annual meeting of CELTA, DELTA, TKT, CELT-P and CELT-S trainers 

Information about the annual meeting of trainers involved in Cambridge Assessment English qualifications. Please note that a lot of the links do not work.

Teacher Training | ELTC | The University of Sheffield 
Here you can find further teacher training courses run at the English Language Teacher Centre.

These are for courses for those who want to deliver courses such as CELTA online. 

IH Certificate in Online Tutoring | International House 

The following resources include practical ideas, tips and even, in some cases, photocopiable resources, which can be picked up and used quite easily. 

The CELTA Course (2007) by Scott Thornbury and Peter Watkins (Cambridge)

A Course in English Language Teaching (2012) by Penny Ur (Cambridge) 

The Developing Teacher: Practice activities for professional development (2017) by Duncan Foord (DELTA Teacher Development Series)

ELT Lesson Observation and Feedback Handbook (2018) by (Jeanette Barsdell)

ELT Playbook Teacher Training (2019) by Sandy Millin (Sandy Millin Publishing)

Etpedia Teacher Training: 500 ideas for teacher training in English language teaching (2020) by Beth Melia-Leigh and Nicholas Northall (Pavillion elt)

The Lazy Teacher Trainer’s Handbook (2017) by Magnus Coney (2017) (the

A Practical Introduction to Teaching Training in ELT (2015) by John Hughes (Pavilion) 

Tasks for Teacher Education (1998) by Rosie Tanner and Catherine Green (Longman) 

Teacher Training Essentials (2010) by Craig Thaine (Cambridge)

Teaching Practice (1995) by Roger Gower, Diane Phillips and Steve Walters (Macmillan)

Trinity CertTESOL Companion (2017) by Jason Anderson (Delta Publishing)

Ways of Working with Teachers (2005) by Tessa Woodward (Tessa Woodward Publications)

From Teacher to Trainer (2022) by Matthew T. Ellman and Peter Lucantoni (Cambridge)

Advising and Supporting Teachers (2001) by Mick Randall and Barbara Thornton (CUP)

Language Teacher Education (1998) by Jon Roberts (Hodder Arnold Publishing)

The Routledge Handbook of English Language Teacher Education (2019) edited by Steve Walsh and Steve Mann (Routledge)

Second Language Teacher Education (2010) edited by Jack C. Richards and David Nunan (CUP)

Teacher Evaluation in Second Language Education (2014) edited by Amanda Howard and Helen Donaghue (Bloomsbury)

Training Foreign Language Teachers: A Reflective Approach (1991) by Michael J. Wallace (CUP)