Reaching the end

Well, here we are, the final unit of the course and congratulations on getting this far. This unit looks back at what we’ve done a little and also looks forward to how you can continue to develop as an instructional designer. And also – let’s not forget – this is the unit where you submit your final assignment, something we’re very excited to see.

Unit 10 is available on Monday 6th December at 10.00 (UK time).

Welcome to Unit 9

Well, we’re not far off the end of the course and it’s been great seeing you get comfortable and confident designing online content using a range of tools and techniques.

Now, we’re heading into Unit 9 and this one is a little more theoretical, focussing on general online course design. For some of you, you may not feel this is directly relevant right now, so feel free to treat it as an optional unit or use this time to catch up, review previous content or work on your Final Assignment.

Unit 9 is available on Monday 29th November at 10.00 (UK time).

Welcome to Unit 8

We hope you’ve been enjoying using Articulate Storyline over the last few weeks, it’s a complex tool but really worth diving into as it is capable of quite powerful and engaging interactions.

Unit 8 takes us in a slightly different direction looking at the use of video in online content. We know that video can be a great medium for learning, but creating the videos themselves and then making them interactive can be quite challenging. Hopefully this unit goes some way to making that process a little easier.  It is available from Monday 22nd November at  10.00 (UK time).

Welcome to unit 7

The last unit saw the introduction of authoring tools and many of you seem to take to Articulate Storyline very quickly. These are powerful tools indeed and with a bit of time, it’s amazing what can be produced.

Unit 7 will pick up where unit 6 left off and we’ll continue to develop our skills with Storyline, particularly in creating quizzes and interactive activities. It is available from Monday 15th November at  10.00 (UK time).

Welcome to unit 6

Hopefully the last few units has helped you feel comfortable with Articulate Rise and you can see the possibilities of creating and structuring longer sequences of content using such a tool.

Unit 6 introduces the concept of authoring tools, software for creating more complex content, and we’ll look at another Articulate product, Storyline, to help us learn the practical skills needed to use them effectively. It is available from Monday 8th November at  10.00 (UK time).

Unit 5 is in control

We’re over the “hump” for the course and I hope the first four units has given a useful blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills that you can apply to your teaching context. I think Articulate Rise especially is a very powerful tool for combining content from different sources into one coherent place.

Unit 5 continues to explore the possibilities offered by Articulate Rise, but does so in the context of how we can design content to offer students control and choice. It also gives an early heads up about the final assignment you’ll need to submit at the end of the course.  It is available from Monday 1st November at the usual time of 10.00 (UK time).

Rising into Unit 4

I hope that unit 3 began to make the course feel a little more practical with the introduction of H5P, a tool for creating a whole range of interactivity activity types.

Unit 4 is available from Monday 25th October at 10.00 (UK time) and continues in this practical vein with the introduction of Articulate Rise, a tool that allows for the creation of more extended sequences of content and activities.

Moving into Unit 3

It was great to meet everyone in the first live sessions last week and to have a chance to clarify and discuss some of the key concepts around the course. We hope you are feeling more comfortable with what makes online content effective.

Unit 3 is available from Monday 18th October at 10.00 (UK time). In this unit we’ll explore in detail how people process information through digital content and look at a key tool – H5P – that can be used to create interactive materials.

Welcome to Unit 2

Thanks everyone for your work on Unit 1, it’s been great reading through your posts responding to the article and looking at the slides you’ve been creating. I also really appreciate the constructive feedback you gave at the end, this helps us make adjustments as we go along and also helps you think about online course design.

This week we’ll have our first live sessions, you should have been sent an email about that with a calendar invitation, but if not, you can find more information a little further down the page.

Now we’re heading into Unit 2, available on Monday 11th October at 10.00 (UK time), and we’ll review the key principles from unit 1, explore the promises and pitfalls of e-learning, and be introduced to a simple tool for creating interactive content.

Welcome to the course!

hi there! We’re glad you made it to the course home page. Juliet and myself will be the tutors on the course and we hope you find the next ten weeks useful. To get started, just scroll down the page a bit – go down under where it says Course Forums – and find the section called Course Units. Click on the Introductory Unit to get started. Once you’ve done that, Unit 1 will be available from Monday 7th June at 10.00 (UK time)