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When we want someone (e.g. your class) to copy a weblink, it’s not always convenient to give them the whole web address as it may be rather long. However, there is a simple way to create a short link so that a webpage with a long link can become something easy to copy, such as…

Grabbing text with Google Keep

Here’s a quick guide to Keep, Google’s note-taking and organising app. In it we explain a really cool feature which can rip text out of an image, which can save you ages typing things out again.


Getting organised with the Bookmarks Bar


Do you struggle to keep on top of all the important links that you need and use on a regular basis? Is there a shady, chaotic Word document somewhere on your computer full of lists of links? Using the Bookmarks bar in your browser can really help to organise these and keep them close at…

Incognito mode to test links

incognito mode

The last thing you want after you’ve spent time preparing your materials is to hear students tell you the link didn’t work (don’t worry, we’ve all been there). If you open your link in an “Incognito” window (Chrome) or “Private browsing” (Firefox), this removes your sign-in, so you can test what it will look like…