A Corpus Course for EAP Teachers

Our corpus course for teachers is an online programme designed to help EAP teachers develop a great
practical understanding of how to use a range of corpus web tools with their students

10 weeks

This is a fully online course which you can take at your own pace. Study during the week when it is convenient for you

5-6 hours a week

You can fit your study around your teaching and other duties

Practical syllabus

The focus of this course is on developing practical corpus knowledge to use with your students immediately


Through forums, interactive content and drop-in sessions with the tutors, you’ll feel part of a learning community

Upcoming course dates

15th January - 22nd March 2024

course price:


FAQs about the course

Who is the course for exactly?

Many EAP teachers recognise the value of using corpus data in the classroom, the idea of accessing accurate information about how language is actually used in academic settings is very attractive. But the digital tools that we use to access them can often be confusing and packed with jargon.

If you’ve ever felt your enthusiasm or interest in corpus data wane when confronted with these tools, this course might be for you.

How long is the course?

The course is 10 weeks’ long and the course modules are released on a Monday at 10.00 (UK time)

How many hours a week will I have to study?

We estimate around 5-6 hours a week. We understand that you have busy working lives and we don’t want to pile too much on top of that. We also hope that it integrates well with your teaching, so some of those hours are a natural part of what you do anyhow. 

Do I ever need to be online at a specific time?

No, you don’t. The course is very much designed for you to be able to fit it around your work and home demands.  In weeks 3 and 6 of the course we offer some optional drop in sessions via Zoom if you wish to chat with a tutor or ask a specific question you might have about corpus tools. We can’t really make these a required part of the course because participants are spread out across different time zones and it’s not always possible to find a time that suits everyone. 

What do I need to do to complete the course?

We primarily view this as a CPD (continuing professional development) so the goal is not to  set unreasonable demands to achieve the certificate. Rather we want the course tasks to be genuinely helpful in developing your skills.   There are a few expectations though that we believe will help both you and the course be successful, namely:


  • You make reasonable contributions to the forum discussions throughout the course. 
  • You complete the 6 course units.
  • You submit a short assignment at the end where you design 2 classroom activities for your students using corpus tools/materials. 
  • You are fully registered on the course and have completed payment (this doesn’t apply to those on free scholarship places)
Will I get a certificate at the end?

Yes, assuming you complete all the criteria mentioned above.

Will I have access to the course after it has finished?

In some form, yes. You will be given permanent access to a self-study version of the course containing most of the content and you will be able to access the course forum via a special group set up. 

Course aims and syllabus

Scholarship course places

As part of our commitment to supporting teachers without the financial capacity to pay for the course, we offer 3-5 free scholarship places on each course we run. 

Please note that these places are only available for teachers OUTSIDE the UK, USA, Australia and Canada and candidates are chosen based on their suitability and appropriacy for the course. If you wish to apply, please click the button below:

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Apply for a course

Please complete the form below to send to our admin team. This is not a commitment to take the course, but our team will respond to any questions you might have and provide a link to the official application form.