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DELTA Module One

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Welcome back!

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great break and you managed to spend some time away from the course.  As we enter the new year, we will continue to release new units on a weekly basis. Some of you may have already completed Units 9 and 10. We will summarise any of your forum contributions over the next couple of weeks and also meet you for one-to-one tutorials to summarise your Paper 1 mock. We hope that you will find the tutorials useful and helpful as we enter the next stage of the course.  The units over the next months will mainly focus on Paper 2 as well as consolidating a lot of your learning from the first part of the course. The forthcoming live sessions will also concentrate on Paper 2. This obviously does not mean that we have forgotten about Paper 1! You will find a lot of the forthcoming content on the Foundry is very relevant to all of the exam, as well as to your own development and practice. We do hope you continue to find the course engaging and relevant. Catch you all soon. Nick and Manuel.


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