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DELTA Module Three

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Welcome to the course!

Hello and welcome to your Delta Module Three preparation course! The first unit will be available on 22 November but please watch the video below and have a look at the useful resources at the bottom of the page while you are waiting.

Aims and Objectives

  • To introduce you to the requirements of Delta Module Three.
  • To provide support and knowledge to help you be successful in Delta Module Three. 
  • To raise your awareness of needs analysis and diagnostic testing.
  • To help you to better plan effective courses.
  • To give you the opportunity to reflect on course design.

Module Three aims to develop candidates’ knowledge of and competence in:

  • a chosen specialism
  • approaches to needs analysis
  • curriculum and syllabus design principles
  • different types of syllabus
  • course design and evaluation
  • assessment of learners.

To achieve these aims, candidates need to:

  • research a chosen specialism
  • understand and use appropriate methods of needs analysis/diagnostic assessment for a specific group of learners
  • understand and apply key principles underpinning syllabus design and course planning
  • consider learner assessment and course evaluation
  • synthesise all their learning into a project which can be coherently presented to a third party.

Course Classroom

The course room is available as a space for you to meet your fellow participants and discuss and share ideas.

Live session: welcome and introductions
Wednesday 24 November 11am-12pm (UK time)

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