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Instructional Design for Language Teachers

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Welcome to Unit 9

Well, we’re not far off the end of the course and it’s been great seeing you get comfortable and confident designing online content using a range of tools and techniques.

Now, we’re heading into Unit 9 and this one is a little more theoretical, focussing on general online course design. For some of you, you may not feel this is directly relevant right now, so feel free to treat it as an optional unit or use this time to catch up, review previous content or work on your Final Assignment.

Unit 9 is available on Monday 29th November at 10.00 (UK time).

Welcome to Unit 8

We hope you’ve been enjoying using Articulate Storyline over the last few weeks, it’s a complex tool but really worth diving into as it is capable of quite powerful and engaging interactions.

Unit 8 takes us in a slightly different direction looking at the use of video in online content. We know that video can be a great medium for learning, but creating the videos themselves and then making them interactive can be quite challenging. Hopefully this unit goes some way to making that process a little easier.  It is available from Monday 22nd November at  10.00 (UK time).

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Every Monday from 14:00 to 15.00

Robert Anderson, Brenda Allen, Olga Mudraya, Georgina Lloyd, Sue Everest

Every Friday from 14.00 to 15.00

Andrew Burke, Zsofia Tarjani, Aaron Darmudas, Robert Jackson, Paul Middlemas, Jonathan Rowland

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