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Instructional Design for Language Teachers

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Welcome to Unit 2

Thanks everyone for your work on Unit 1, it’s been great reading through your posts responding to the article and looking at the slides you’ve been creating. I also really appreciate the constructive feedback you gave at the end, this helps us make adjustments as we go along and also helps you think about online course design.

This week we’ll have our first live sessions, you should have been sent an email about that with a calendar invitation, but if not, you can find more information a little further down the page.

Now we’re heading into Unit 2 and we’ll review the key principles from unit 1, explore the promises and pitfalls of e-learning, and be introduced to a simple tool for creating interactive content.

Welcome to the course!

Hi there! We’re glad you made it to the course home page. Juliet and David will be the tutors on the course and we hope you find the next ten weeks useful. To get started, just scroll down the page a bit – go down under where it says Course Forums – and find the section called Course Units. Click on the Introductory Unit to get started.

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