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Welcome to week 6

Welcome to week 6! Let’s get started by watching the video below.

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TKT 15.2.5 – Materials adaptation

The following materials are taken from an upper intermediate coursebook to teach phrases for casual conversations. Choose one of the ... Read More

TKT 12.2.4 Alternatives to the PPP approach

In this forum we'd like you to share your answers to these two questions: Which approach (PPP, Guided Discovery, Test-teach-test ... Read More

TKT U7: Teaching speaking

Let’s get started by reflecting on two questions about speaking. Before you dive into the lesson content, take a moment ... Read More

TKT 6.3: Receptive Skills summary

To review what we have seen this week, think about the following common problems students have with listening or reading ... Read More

TKT Unit 3 Summary and reflection

Based on the content this week, what are your top three points that you would like to include in your ... Read More

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