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Downing tools for unit 4

We’ve reached Unit 4, which becomes available on Friday 29th October at 10am UK time. You’ve had a chance to experience, try out and reflect on six very different tools so far and it’s been fascinating to read your responses to them in the forums.

In this unit we’ll be taking a break from trying out tools to cast a critical eye at one of the most unloved pieces of technology in higher education – the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

In this unit you’ll have a chance to work together with a few other people on your course to reflect on VLEs and how they fit into your institutions. There is a deadline of 9th November on this group task, so even if you haven’t finished the previous units, you can skip to the current one and work on the previous ones later. Make sure you get to the topic called Group task: researching your VLE as quickly as possible so you know who you are working with and what you have to do.