1. What information do teachers need to know about their learners to prepare good lessons? (e.g. age, nationality, etc.)

    For me, first of all, I will say age, because children of every age have different interests. It will be better if teachers based on their interests to prepare.  Secondly, gender, I remember when I was young, some teachers will let boys and girls do the different task. Thirdly, which language do the learners speak. Last but not the least, maybe know the learners’ name is also important.
    2. Why is it important for teachers to know about their learners’ characteristics and needs?

    Because if the teachers know nothing about that, probably the learners will not have any interest to pay attention and they will learn nothing. If teachers know more about learners’ characteristics, teachers can know which way can let them learn better since every child has different personality.

    3. How can teachers find out about their learners?

    Through their participation in class, the reaction/ answer they have during the class, after class activity , and the homework they hand in.