1.Where, when and how did you start learning a second language?

    I tried to learn French when I was in my uni, is a program you can choose to learn the language you like for one semester. And after that, I felt like it’s not enough so I went to the after-school tutoring class for around three months. Technically, I learned French for around 6 months.

    2.What did you find difficult about learning a second language? How did you try to overcome those difficulties?

    I found it’s difficult is because of the pronunciation and also I sometimes confused French and English, for me they are too similar. Honestly, I did try to overcome it, but I can’t.  My French teacher said there is no standard and rule for you to know how to pronounce a French word.
    3.Did you learn the language successfully? Why/ why not?

    I did not keep learning French. I basically totally forgot about it. At first, I want to learn French is I feel this language beautiful. But when I really start to learn, is way more difficult than I think.