Manuel Flores Lasarte

    Thank you very much for getting the conversation started. You have made very insightful comments using your experience as a learner or teacher. If you have not contributed yet, you may feel that perhaps you have nothing ‘new’ to say. Don’t worry about this, explaining that you agree or disagree with some comments or adding some follow-up questions of comments you find interesting is enough to keep the conversation going.

    If you have not contributed yet, please keep adding your ideas to the initial questions. In addition, whether you have contributed already or not, you can consider the questions below based on the posts written here already:

    1. Given that strictly speaking a person’s name does not affect what we teach, is it important to know our learners’ names? Why/ why not?
    2. In her post, Jennifer talks about being careful with making too many generalisations about our learners. Can you think of any generalisations we should be careful about? Why?
    3. Several of you mention that it is important for teachers to know about the learners’ previous learning experience. How does previous learning experience influence our teaching and our students’ learning?
    4. Very often in the same classroom, we’ve got learners with very different characteristics. How can we consider individual learners when teaching a whole class? For the sake of simplicity, should we assume that they are all more or less the same?

    (feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you want)