Emma Maerz

    1.  What information do teachers need to know about their learners to prepare good lessons?

    Age, nationality, previous learning experiences and how the student likes to learn are all important factors.  However, I believe the most important factor is a student’s motivation.


    2.  Why is it important for teachers to know about their learners’ characteristics and needs?

    The teacher is then able to tailor lessons towards the students and make them relevant and sustain their motivation by enabling personal engagement.

    3.  How can teachers find out about their learners?

    A detailed needs analysis will provide a lot of information for teachers.  By doing this on a one-to-one basis the teacher is also able to pick up on errors made by the student and use this information for future lessons. Indeed, every lesson is an opportunity to notice  students individual strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.