Manuel Flores Lasarte

    Thank you very much for your contributions so far. This is a summary of what you have mentioned until now:

    Reasons for learning a language

    • Practical reasons (e.g. order in a restaurant, be independent in everyday life)
    • Academic and professional reasons (e.g. pass an exam, get a job)
    • Interest in the language or culture
    • To communicate with people from different countries

    Factors that can positively influence motivation:

    • Sense of achievement (i.e. ‘I can do this!’)
    • Material is relevant / I can see the application to real life
    • Good rapport with teacher
    • Guidance to continue improving (i.e. ‘timely feedback’)
    • A pleasant experience (i.e. ‘enjoyment’)

    Factors that can negatively influence motivation:

    • Material is too difficult / lack of achievement
    • Feeling behind everybody else
    • Lack of clear explanations about how the language works
    • Too theoretical: too much time spent on formal aspects of the language without enough practice (or real-life application)

    Follow-up questions: 

    • Can you add any other ideas to the lists above?
    • Think about your experience as a student: how did your teachers motivate you to keep learning the language?