1. What do you find difficult about English pronunciation? (as a learner or as a teacher teaching pronunciation)

    As a learner, it would be a bit difficult for me if the vocabulary is multisyllabic and some words derived from other languages.

    As a teacher, I personally think that pronunciation could be influenced by one’s dialect and educational environment. Such as some people from relatively backward regions, if they didn’t have a very good language context for mandarine, it would be difficult for them to grasp a foreign language very well. Because they probably could be affected by their teachers who have some accents in English. In this situation, the learners need to put more effort into themselves.


    2. What can we do to improve our learners’ pronunciation?

    For me, I listen to English songs and watch movies and dramas for years, I think they would have more fun than reading or listening to the news. In addition, I can learn many useful common phrases, and also daily languages from these resources, which I would never learn from my textbook in school.