1. Where, when, and how did you start learning a second language?

    English has been my second language since I was 8 years old. It’s a little bit of shame that I cannot use it very well though I’ve learned it for such a long time, haha~
    2. What did you find difficult about learning a second language? How did you try to overcome those difficulties?

    For me, the most difficult should be the language environment. I think it might be the main problem for most Chinese students who are learning their second languages. Moreover, Chinese education is an exam-oriented system, it contributes to the very low communication skills and relatively high written skills in many students. So did I. Then I’ve spent plenty of time on self-studying, such as find a language partner to practice my listening and spoken, or to read and listen to something I’m interested in as much as I can, that means I have to create an English learning environment for myself.
    3. Did you learn the language successfully? Why/ why not?

    Absolutely no. :scratch:

    I might get high in my assignment and an exam, but I still have some problems when I communicate with others in real life. It was not easy to do learning and working at the same time for me. And sometimes, motivations are crucial for your learning effectiveness. But I won’t stop learning, just keep it up and going.