Emma Maerz

    1.   Were your initial ideas about teaching vocabulary different or similar to the lesson observed? How?

    I thought this vocabulary lesson was great and similar to the way I would introduce lexis.   The scaffolding used in this lesson proved very successful.  The lead-in set the context and from then on the students’ interest was piqued and they got very involved.  Eliciting the words with this group of adults works well as it initiates their top-down processing.

    2.  What did you like about the lesson observed?

    More than anything, I liked the teacher’s use of humour and his rapport with the students.  Rounding the lesson off with a freer practice task helped the students puts the lexis to good use.

    3.  Is there anything you would do differently or anything you would add to the observed lesson?

    I would ask students to clarify the parts of speech and then spend time on pronunciation by backtracking model sentences and eliciting connected speech.  For homework,  I would ask the students to write the lexis down and give them a written task, such as writing a movie review for their favourite film.