Manuel Flores Lasarte

    Thank you Anna, Xinyi, Jessie and Xingfang for adding your contributions. Very good points.

    So to the list I made earlier we can add:

    Reasons for learning a new language: in addition to interest in other cultures and professional reasons, we can add quest for new knowledge.

    Factors that contribute to motivation: getting something as a result of the effort (e.g. money, good grades, ample feedback) + sense of achievement.

    Factors that can negatively affect motivation: to the list from before we can add: no tangible goals, the course doesn’t meet the expectations, the activities are too easy, constant correction that interferes with real communication and lack of praise.

    Thank you very much for your contributions. As you can see, by reflecting on your own experience, it is possible to consider the general factors that affect motivation and how we can increase motivation in our learners.