Angela Casado Castro

    • Why do so many learners find it difficult to speak in class?

    I totally agree with Yi-Hsuan Shih and Anna. Definitely, some students are introvert or shy and the most of them can be worry about people´s judgment.

    • What can we do as teachers to help our learners feel more confident in their speaking ability?

    As a teacher, we have to encourage them helping them to feel more comfortable. I mean, giving them special attention when they are speaking and practising pronunciation in class. Leading them to correct the sounds and repeat them to make the sounds familiar. Then, we can go to next step.


    – Any other difficulties learners have with speaking and any other ideas to help them overcome those problems?

    Sometimes the problem is they haven’t got enough vocabulary to say that they want and for this reason they get their mind in blank. To help them, we can practice specific vocabulary speaking tasks with them.

    – What do we mean by ‘meaningful activities’?

    I think ‘meaningful activities are practices that learners should do to improve their skills.