Allison Dresner

    The contiguity principle is probably the most difficult one for me to interpret, this idea of reducing the separation of different forms of information in both time and space. I think the reason why this is more difficult for me to understand this I’m not particularly good at understanding spatial awareness generally. So I get the idea of it but I’m not quite sure how that would actually work in principle. I’m thinking perhaps it means putting related information together perhaps on one slide rather than separating into 3 or 4?

    All the other principles. I find quite straightforward. I think for  non native English speakers, the signalling principle could cause difficulty as I have found that students sometimes have difficulty in illustrating the relationship between concepts or ideas, and definitely the modality principle. Again, from my experience, because of poor presentation skills or a lack of experience in presenting, students often put lots of text on a screen and just stand and read it – so yes I think this modality principle would cause them problems. Additionally,  the principle of contiguity, I think would cause difficulty, as that one  causes difficulty for me too, so I think for non native English speakers. That one would probably be that, quite  :bye: problematic.