Georgina Lloyd

    Which of the six principles reviewed above do you find the most difficult to interpret? And why?

    Contiguity – I haven’t come across that term before, nor have I analysed my (or my students) slides in that specific way before, although as Bernadette says you wouldn’t start one point on slide two and then finish it off on slide 9! But I think the idea of contiguity is interesting in terms of slide design, if it focuses more on images/text/ideas and spatially where the information is placed, in relation to each other.

    Which ONE principle do you think might not work so well with non-native speakers?

    I think both 3. Redundancy and 4. Modality are could potentially conflict with theories of second language learning and teaching (I also think there is overlap between these two). In terms of redundancy, you might want more text on the slides in ESL slides, as it provides models of language as well as scaffolding students’ understanding of the presentation. So whilst you hopefully won’t read what is on your slide (!), there may well be a fair number of words on there that you also present aurally.