Paula Villegas Verdu

      Ok, here are my answers

      • Have you seen examples from your own experience where e-learning both lived up to its promise of delivering effective and engaging content?  (Is it tacky if I say this course? :mail: ) As a learner, I took the corpora course and that was fab, there was a variety of tasks and the course was designed to foster collaboration so even if it is OL you don’t feel lonely/too remove from the tutor. As a teacher, the team  I am a part of designed some async materials for in-sessional students and then the TEL team moved them OL and made them ‘usable’. They are great materials and students love them.
      • Have you seen examples from your own experience where it failed to deliver what it promised? As a learner, I had to engage with some async materials before attending the virtual study weekends for my EdD and not all of them were effective. I had loads of videos that lasted for over an hour and it just felt a bit boring and I struggle to keep up, just because it was all a bit passive. I can’t quite say as a practitioner as I don’t really design much stuff :-(
      • Think of one question you have about the article, maybe something that didn’t make sense or something you’d like to know more about and add it here. I’d like to know more about the engagement matrix