Caitlin Coyle

      1. Have you seen examples from your own experience where e-learning both lived up to it’s promise of delivering effective and engaging content/learning and where it failed to deliver what it promised? 

      I think that I  have experienced a few very text heavy e-courses with little interactivity and little chance to actually demonstrate your knowledge- not like this course, week 1 applying key instructional design principles to Google slides right off the bat :good:   So I agree  @paula_villegas :-)

      2. Also, think of one question you have about the article, maybe something that didn’t make sense or something you’d like to know more about and add it here

      I thought it was interesting the emphasis on prior knowledge:

      ‘Learners with little prior knowledge will benefit from different instructional strategies than will learners who are relatively experienced’ (p.24)

      I understand students in our courses often do diagnostic language tests or come with evidence of recent IELTs scores. I wonder if there should be needs analyses for technology experience and skills. I know I have actually done them  in my roles albeit on a more on a post facto basis because I already doing the jobs but with the move to online I was asked how I confident I was using Zoom, Moodle, etc. I don’t know if students do these types of tech needs/skills ‘questionnaires’ and I it might be hard as there may be preferences for different platforms, software in different countries/ institutions, but maybe more general questions about knowledge and experience of VLEs/LMSs; attending online lessons? When I planned my online course I didn’t even think about finding these things out. I a quick tour of Zoom and Moodle in my first class an that was it- maybe I should have found out more about the students tech skills as well as language ones? I know the assumption of digital natives is now often questioned. Moreover, there may be considerable diversity in terms of prior language, subject and tech knowledge, and thus a tech needs analysis may give you a better sense of  a class.