Georgina Lloyd

    Eeesh, quite a few online courses don’t quite live up to expectations. I teach on one course (that will remain nameless) where the students are given endless PDFs to download with reams of intructions on them for how to do the task. I feel I can think of a 1001 ways already of how to do this better.

    This course is nicely living up to expectations, and I think it’s really nicely structured so that the cognitive load is not too much. I enjoyed reading the bit about the ‘discovery’ pitfall – I didn’t understand what they meant by this before reading, but it makes so much sense (this is something I saw far a lot of in conventional f2f EAP teaching too).

    I also want to pick up on the point about customisation, as quite a bit of what I read in the text I thought, yeah but am I going to able to do that (another case in point being the accelerated expertise). In reponse to @jemima most of the EdTech Language learning firms use AI to personalise learning (they will answer a series of questions when they join the platform and the system will then build a course based on their preferences with no human intervention). They are (maybe quite rightly) very proud of these systems and for them it ticks the personalisation box and this is something they market heavily. I remain a little skeptical…. And no, I won’t be able to offer that myself, but I would offer a more human personalisation, I guess! :good: