Allison Dresner

      I too have had experience of both really engaging and dull eLearning courses, one which will remain nameless but was about TEL and the only manner of providing content was 80% reading endless theoretical journal articles with hardly any practical use of TEL to speak of – I had to force myself to continue with the course due to the upfront expenditure!! It was a slog and as it was university hosted it seemed like it was set in the dark ages – I suspect it had previously been a face to face course which had suddenly been placed online – disappointing and expensive!!

      I  need variety of instructional methods to avoid me ‘losing the will’.

      Like others I am wondering how the concept of ‘previous knowledge’ works in designing language courses – for a pre-sessional do I assume that most students will have no previous knowledge about Citing or Referencing for example – at what point is previous knowledge actually ‘knowledge’? :unsure: