Bernadette Kelly

    Have you seen examples from your own experience where e-learning both lived up to its promise of delivering effective and engaging content and where it failed to deliver what it promised?

    Lived up to: Like @david-l , I really enjoyed the LTEAP course and thought there was a great balance of theory and practice.  I also agree with him that some of the content on the courses we have been teaching this year needs improving – there is a lot of scope for increasing the interactive asynchronous content/flipped learning in order to make the synchronous content more engaging and less teacher-centred. But given that we had to switch to online in such a hurry, I think we are getting there bit by bit.

    Failed: The staff training compulsory e-learning at a previous institution where I worked was just dire. Very long videos followed by a ‘test’ to see if you remembered them.  Sample questions would be “What shape is the label on a CO2 extinguisher?” – this question was asked 40 minutes after you had seen it for 3 seconds on the video. Hilariously inept diversity training – obviously designed by someone who had never been outside his hometown or spoken to an international student, international member of staff or (possibly) any woman.  Happy to say the training has been radically improved since my time there.

    Question about the text:

    I’m also curious about the near/far thing as it applies to EAP teaching.