Xingfang Wang

    1. Student 1: If I concentrate, I can understand the meaning of most words in a reading text but I normally struggle to understand the text as a whole.

    Overall, this student’s listening skill is not bad, he or she could recognise most of the words’ meaning which means that acquired vocabularies are sufficient. However, the student noted that the difficulty of understanding a whole text. That is to say, he or she lacks the ability to analyse a sentence structure followed by grammar supports. We need to help him/her to intensify the grammar learning (including verb changes and the components of sentences) instead of reciting more words and relying on translation method to understand a text.

    2. Student 2: The listening recordings are too fast! It’s true that when we read the scripts, I can recognise the words but I can’t recognise them when they are spoken.

    The student should make sure that his/her pronunciation of most of the words is correct (especially stress and intonation), only we know the correct sound we could identify a word as fast as we can. Then, listen and repeat is an effective way to improve listening ability, and it can also help the student to familiar with each words’ sounds and adapt to the speed of dialogue.

    3. Student 3: When I read or listen to a text, I don’t know what I need to focus on.

    The student needs to unpack his/her learning steps rather than trying to understanding the whole text. For example, he/she could read one paragraph in a limited time slot and try to find key sentences/key words/transition words at the beginning. After that, finding the general meaning from one paragraph and underlining the difficult parts to ask the others’ help.