Julie Ibdali

    Essential processing

    Clark and Mayer talk about this as the ability to process the ‘inherent complexity of the material’. For students on a pre-sessional, which one of these topic areas do you think would require the most processing from students and why: learning the passive voice, learning how to paraphrase, learning the Harvard referencing system?

    I agree with Sue in respect of all her in-depth points about which of above requires the most processing.  I also think we do have to think about the characteristics of individual learners (I’m thinking of my less confident self here and the anxiety this sometimes causes including this course at times), their motivation and learning backgrounds too. We have to remember that one size does not fit all

    Generative processing

    The authors identify this as the ability of the learner to organise and integrate the content/material into knowledge store. Over the last few weeks you’ve seen plenty of examples of digital content – including those made by yourself. What kinds of tasks or activities do you think might help students to organise and integrate content more effectively?

    I think any activity that is interactive/engaging would help integrate content more effectively, some examples could be: gap fills, drag and drop, embedded tasks/links, true/false. Personally I would say any task where we hand over to  students, but I could be totally wrong!!