David Read

    @suerobbins, hmm, that is strange, still visible for me and there shouldn’t be an unsafe message, we have implemented https certification on the site so we wouldn’t have that issue. Perhaps try a different browser and see if the same thing happens?

    things like Wordwall/H5P can be shared within your VLE via a link or by embedding. However, the only issue with that is that it won’t ‘report’ to the VLE and you won’t be able to generate any data about student completion. However, H5P has specific plugins for both Moodle and Blackboard (possibly Canvas as well) and you may have access to them via your VLE and in that case it would report data to the VLE. Which VLE do you use at your institution? If it’s either of those then it might be worth speaking to your IT team to see if H5P is available.