Rachel Beresford

      Essential processing

      For students on a pre-sessional, which one of these topic areas do you think would require the most processing from students and why: learning the passive voice, learning how to paraphrase, learning the Harvard referencing system?

      I think that paraphrasing would require the most processing from students, as there are so many different skills and techniques involved in successful paraphrasing, such as understanding the original text, selecting suitable synonyms, making changes to word class and changing from active to passive voice.

      Generative processing

      What kinds of tasks or activities do you think might help students to organise and integrate content more effectively?

      I agree with many of the ideas posted above, such as interactive activities where students have to complete a task rather than just read through information, and activities which are visually engaging. It could also be important that is an appropriate level for the learner.  If a task appears to easy or too challenging, students may  fail to engage with the content sufficiently. Tasks that are relevant to the learner’s individual situation or learning context could also help them to organise and integrate content more effectively, as they will be more engaging and motivating for learners. I think that hands on tasks or tasks which simulate real life situations are also more likely to help students to integrate content. For example, we all learned more about creating activities on Wordwall by actually doing it than we would have done if we had only watched the videos and completed a comprehension task about them.