Caitlin Coyle

      Essential processing: For students on a pre-sessional, which one of these topic areas do you think would require the most processing from students and why: learning the passive voice, learning how to paraphrase, learning the Harvard referencing system?

      I’m bit late to the party, but I think like many other people have mentioned paraphrasing quite often incorporates the other two skills, as well as other skills hence I think it requires the most processing.

      Generative processing: The authors identify this as the ability of the learner to organise and integrate the content/material into knowledge store. Over the last few weeks you’ve seen plenty of examples of digital content – including those made by yourself. What kinds of tasks or activities do you think might help students to organise and integrate content more effectively?

      Again like the others said I think our activities on Wordwall- reforming jumbled sentences, drag and drop and matching type activities would help students. I am also doing some research on colour-coding at the moments and noticed the use of colour was also mentioned in the article hence I think creating tasks with tools which trigger memory aids are also helpful.