David Read

    @thomasleach @julie @suerobbins @david-l @spottypoppy @paula_villegas @caitlin @aline for sharing your H5P activities, some really nice implementations there. Great that some of you are also stretching yourself using tools such as the Columns or Interactive Book to pull the tasks together in a more coherent way.

    and @suerobbins a really nice use of visuals to support the text/activities, as a student I would find this both pleasing to the eye and engaging to interact with. I think one of the limitations of the Columns is the lack of spacing or headers. One thing you might want to use is the Text activity in H5P to add headings and then add line breaks above and below the text to add a bit of whitespace.

    , one thing to think about with the gap-fill activity is whether it would work better as a drag-the-text activity. If they are supplying the words themselves it’s fine as they need to focus on spelling etc, but if the words are already there for them, it’s more of a typing activity and maybe makes it longer than it should be. Just something to think about.

    really nice use of the interactive book, I think this has the benefit of compactness as well. I really like the pelmanism (flip the pics) activity and spent a good 10 minutes trying to do it myself – and realising just what a shocking short term memory I have! As a student I think I would be very engaged with this.

    nice activities, I think you can add images to multiples questions if you use the Question Set option. Re the issue with your fill in the blanks task, not sure why it’s doing that, very strange behaviour. Maybe try without the apostrophe (what is more) to see if that’s the issue.

    , really nice layout/design of your listening task with the images and then the audio/questions below.