Bernadette Kelly

      Oooof! Feeling old right now.


      (1) How much time roughly did it take you to create the content? More than 3 hours to figure everything out and still not particularly happy with it!

      (2) What aspects of Articulate Rise did you find a) easy to use and b) confusing/less easy to use?

      a) Most of it was okay – not too hard to figure out. It just took a while because it was the first time using this particular software.

      b)  Probably most of my problems arose from paying insufficient attention when watching the video guides.  I couldn’t figure out how to insert the table at all and eventually just used an image – but then later I saw how to do it in the video when I was looking for something else.

      I really liked it though – just wish I had more than 60 days to play with it.