Jemima Perry

      Here’s my lesson – sorry it’s late!


      (1) How much time roughly did it take you to create the content?

      It took a while, a couple of hours, but i was experimenting with different possibilities…

      (2) What aspects of Articulate Rise did you find

      a) easy to use b) confusing/less easy to use

      I found it quite user friendly overall. I love the fact that you can edit in situ and lots of the features are similar to those in google /microsoft e.g. the tables,  and I like the image bank

      b) confusing/less easy to use

      I found navigating between the different levels a bit confusing at first. On David’s video it looks really clear, but it took me a while to get my head round.

      One question – is there an easy way of selecting the same background colour for all the blocks?