Paula Villegas Verdu
      • What are the main differences in design and layout between Rise and Storyline? As @jemima has noted, rise is horizontal and Storyline vertical. Also, it seems easier to have a wider range of colours in Rise than in Storyline? (Storyline seems to be all about red, green, purple and blue. Maybe this can be changed and the use of those colours is a conscious branding decision?)
      • What kinds of content seem better suited for Rise and which kinds of content are better suited for Storyline? Rise can host a course/ set of lessons neatly and it also looks a bit more grown-up? (maybe it is because I don’t love the whole red, green, purple and blue theme going on, why would anyone put those colours together?). Rise can host a wide range of activities but Storyline can make them feel personal (avatars/ teacher throughout) it also allows more complex navigation options (different sets of questions by pressing different buttons in one slide). To me, it feels like Storyline is ‘the workbook’ where you do hands-on tasks and get feedback and  Rise is ‘the course book’ where you get all the info neatly organised and have concept-check type of questions