sue robbins

      What are the main differences in design and layout between Rise and Storyline?

      Rise – more limited content types and presentation/formatting modes. Consistent in look with a simple interface. Navigation is visible. It’s quick and easy to use. Easy to present the clear flow of content.

      Storyline – wider range and more complex types of content/interactions available. Can adapt the presentation/customise the look. I’m guessing more difficult to learn (especially ‘triggers’).

      What kinds of content seem better suited for Rise and which kinds of content are better suited for Storyline?

      Rise – when there’s quite a bit (of varied) on-screen material, and the content is mostly text-based. When you want learners to have an overview & control the navigation.

      Storyline – when the course works more like ‘training’ – learners progress through a series of tasks with right/wrong answers (?)