Jemima Perry

      Here’s my attempt. 

      How long did it take you to create the presentation? Ages. I’m not sure as I wasn’t keeping track of time and did some yesterday and some today. Maybe two hours?!

      What aspect of the presentation took the longest for you to create? (e.g. creating the next/back buttons)

      Working out what to put as a layer and what to put as a new slide. I know this is not consistent here as for the first question I’ve put the answer on the same slide and for the second one I’ve put it on the next slide. This is because I wanted to change the character’s pose / expression but I couldn’t work out how to do this on the same slide.

      It also took a while to set all the timings and animations up correctly. This got a bit easier once I changed to working on a bigger screen as I couldn’t see everything (the timings in particular) on my laptop screen, but it was still tricky and it’s still not quite right in places.

      I also found it tricky to copy things – Mark Spermon makes it look super easy though. is he literally just doing copy paste?