Paula Villegas Verdu

    Here goes my feedback

    Navigation and design: how easy was it to navigate the course and content? fab
    Content: how useful is the content to your teaching/working situation? very useful
    Timing: was it possible to work through all the content in the estimated 4-5 hours? it took me about 3 hours to do the main task, and this time it was not like ‘oh my god I love this, I want to learn everything’ but rather ‘what evil sorcery is this and why does the programme have a mind of its own?’ So I am disappointed that it took forever and the result is average and aesthetically questionable.
    Difficulty: was the material suitably scaffolded or did you feel it was too challenging? It is really well scaffolded and the videos being short makes it easier to revise specific points but I just don’t love storyline as much as the other resources we have explored ( I still think it looks ugly!) :wacko:  

    Excited for unit 7!