Caitlin Coyle

    1. What are the main differences in design and layout between Rise and Storyline?


    At the risk of repeating a lot of what already being said….I think Rise seems more vertical whereas Storyline more horizontal. You get a more PPT feel with Storyline (whilst its far more more interactive than PPT).

    2. What kinds of content seem better suited for Rise and which kinds of content are better suited for Storyline?

    I think because of its more PPT feel, Storyline comes across as more user-friendly or least more familiar. I think the need to scroll  on Rise can be off-putting to a certain extent. I was recently speaking with a colleague who was a Learning Advisor and she was mentioning how we do lots online now it is still made to look like we are doing in on paper e.g. we have pages on Word documents not just one endless page. With stylus pens/pencils as well we are replicating the paper experience albeit making things more convenient by doing them digitally. On account of this and learners’ possible  familiarity with PPT I think in general most learner content would be better on Storyline, especially individual lessons and handbooks (as one of the examples shows), etc. I think Rise could be used for a sequence of lessons for learners, especially when there isn’t time/space for Storyline content. I have also used Rise as a teacher in a course’s induction (which again I think is similar to one of the examples).