David Read

      Thanks @thomasleach @jemima @david-l @paula_villegas and @spottypoppy for your first forays into Storyline. We won’t make too many comments here as we’ll add our ideas in the margins in Review so it’s clear what we’re referring to. And in the live session on Tuesday/Wednesday we’ll make some general comments about what you’ve created. However, to pick up on a couple of things mentioned:

      , for someone who doesn’t like Storyline, you did a good job of creating content in it ;-)

      you asked about the activity at the start of Unit 6 where you typed in your idea and then compared with a model answer. This was done in Articulate Storyline, and we’ll look at how to do that in the live session next week.

      Thanks for all your efforts, they are greatly appreciated. I know it can be frustrating at times as there seems to be so many things that need doing on the slides, but over time it does get easier as you build templates to reuse and you get familiar with the common techniques to create content. Both me and Juliet have been using Storyline for a few years now and it still flummoxes us sometimes!