Jemima Perry

      As a learner, which types of activities did you find engaging and which less so? Why do you think that is?

      The things that made activities more engaging for me were

      • Explanations for why things were correct / incorrect – I found it demotivating to be told an answer was wrong without being told why
      • Getting a score – as a learner I like to know how I’m doing
      • Drag and drop activities are quite engaging to begin with (the physicality of them is quite satisfying) but they can become boring if used too much
      • Being told why I’m being asked to do something e.g. in the introduction for the AWL quiz – because this helps me to see the benefit of the activity

      What do you think are the challenges of creating online quizzes for students?

      I think one of the main problems is that it is difficult for the teacher to find out what difficulties the students have understanding the content. For example in the first quiz I wanted to question one of the answers but it is not possible to do this. The same with the second one – I think as a student I’d want more information e.g. on the difference between discussion and argument.

      Another challenge is  creating content that encourages the learner to actually engage mentally rather than just clicking / dragging etc. Having a score at the end might help to overcome this challenge.

      Quizzes are good for testing recall but it’s  more difficult to use them to test a learner’s ability to use the language.