sue robbins

    I finally got round to creating the ‘passive’ presentation from last week… :wacko:  You can see it here in Articulate review. If I wanted to add any of the quizzes I created in the last topic, can I do that? Or do I have to create new quizzes in these slides?

    I’m going to use the slide as part of the final assessment so I hope it’s OK to submit some of the same work twice! ;-)

    How does creating quizzes in Storyline compare with, say, H5P or Articulate Rise?

    • Both H5P and Rise are quick and easy to master, whereas Storyline had taken up rather a lot of my time! It took me about 3 hours to put the slides together rather than the suggested 2. It’s an investment definitely worth making if you plan to use Articulate 360 (inc. Storyline)