David Read

    thanks @spottypoppy @jemima @paula_villegas @natallia @david-l @thomasleach @ptzanni @julie @suerobbins @caitlin @rachel-beresford @berniek @aline for all your comments on the differences between Storyline and Rise, lots of very insightful thoughts on how they both are likely to be used. Being able to select the right tool is important as it will affect how your students interact with the content.

    I don’t have much to add as you’ve really nailed down the differences, particularly the fact that Storyline is more for ‘lessons’ that are worked through in one sitting or a short period whereas Rise is for content that might be worked through over several days/week. Perhaps another thing to consider is which device the students are using and which work better on them. Rise is a more recent tool and has very much been designed with mobile in mind, whereas when you design in Storyline you have to really test how it will act on a small device as the size of buttons etc can make it quite tricky. Both of them have settings that let you see what they will look like in mobile/tablet/desktop view, but you do have to try and test them on those devices to get a feel for how they will actually work.