sue robbins

    FutureLearn course ‘Blended and Online Learning design’

    Orientation: clear rationale (based on Laurillard’s Conversational Framework). Clear introductions/summaries and navigation

    Learning outcomes: clear learning outcomes

    Assessments: there are periodic checks of students’ progress through a variety of activities, but these are limited in range and can be very formulaic.

    Course materials: relevant and organised

    Instructional Strategiesoveruse of video is tiresome. Opportunities to interact with other are provided through the forum and these seem popular though I tend to avoid them myself as they don’t meet my own motivations for doing the course. Very limited options for interactions with the teacher.

    Technology and multimedia: the platform is readily accessible. Very few expectations for the use of technology, making the MOOC widely accessible

    Navigation and accessibility: the navigation is clear and accessible.