David Read

    thanks @jemima @suerobbins @thomasleach @david-l @spottypoppy @paula_villegas @berniek @ptzanni for your video activities, fascinating to see what you’ve all created. @paula_villegas yours was particularly impressive incorporating not only video but a range of other tools to engage students pre and post listening. I think Allison’s also shows that questions don’t necessarily always need right or wrong answers, we can use video to provoke/prompt rather than check knowledge.

    As mentioned in the live sessions, I think the most important is to make sure that students know what they are listening for, either by providing the questions at the same time as the video or by prompting them to think about the question (‘he’s going to talk about the environment, make notes on the main causes of pollution he identifies’) before it then appears on the screen.

    A couple of technical issues to address: @suerobbins, something definitely odd about the link, I can see the pre-video text and the video area, but the actual video doesn’t show. Can you share the embed code so i can see if I can post it here?

    you asked about making the question more visible, when you are editing the question, you can select either button or poster, select poster if you want to have the question more visible (see pic below)