Caitlin Coyle

      Navigation and design: :good:
      Content: :good:
      Timing: :good:   but as I’d used Edpuzzle before it may have been quicker than if I had used another tool
      Difficulty: still need to work with Clipchamp. I could trim and snip initially but then when I tried to move everything forward I think changed the order of the clips. I ended up with two lines of clips rather than one continuous stream. I  also recommend Clipchamp change their name to Clipchimp and get a nice friendly monkey avatar à la Duolingo (who have got a little owl) ;-)

      I was wondering about transitions. Is there anything worth bearing in mind with learners with epilepsy?

      I was thinking about instrumental music as well. I think for example there are varying views of the permissibility of instrumental music in Islam (potentially in other religions too- I am unsure) but maybe this is worth bearing in mind too.