Bernadette Kelly

      Name of course
      Which course are you going to write about?
      Instructional Design for Language Teachers

      Orientation: did the course make the course design clear through a course orientation, introductions, a syllabus, summaries at the beginning/end of units, clear navigation?
      The course design was made very clear and navigation was was clear.

      Learning outcomes
      Learning outcomes: did the course provide clear learning outcomes for the whole course and individual modules/units/lessons?
      Learning outcomes were made clear throughout the course.

      Assessments: are there periodic checks of students’ progress through a variety of activities? Are the assessment activities linked to the learning outcomes?
      There were no formal assessments during the course but plenty of formative assessment in terms of the activities and through peer and tutor feedback on them for each unit.

      Course materials
      Course materials: are they relevant, free of unnecessary content, and organised in a logical sequence of meaningful chunks?
      Yes – the course design makes sense and the purpose of everything is clear. There is no ‘padding’.

      Instructional Strategies
      Instructional Strategies: does the course use best practices in the design of the content (e.g. principles of online content design – coherence, multimedia etc)? Are there opportunities for interactions between the students themselves and between the students and the teacher?
      Yes. Plenty of opportunities for interactions with other students and with the teacher. I really liked the weekly meetings on this course as they gave an opportunity to ask questions about anything that came up during the course.

      Technology and multimedia
      Technology and multimedia: does the use of technology (e.g. VLE or course platform) help meet the learning outcomes of the course? Do the course materials provide clear support and guidance for students on how to use the technology on the course or who to contact if they have problems?
      Definitely helps to meet the learning outcomes and although I think it’s a steep learning curve, it is not ‘frightening’. I think this is the result of very careful course design.

      Navigation and accessibility
      Navigation and accessibility: Is the navigation/layout easy and accessible for students? Is it easy to find all the course materials and are assignment submissions clearly signposted and easy to locate?
      Yes, they are easy to locate on a unit-by-unit basis and downloadable so you can put them in weekly folders.


      Two concrete things?

      Just one for me.

      1. This is just a personal preference, but if each week’s material were made available on the Friday of the week before I think that would help participants who have a heavier workload at the start of the week. I felt as though I was well ‘through’ the week before I saw the week.